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Health Professionals Toolkit

Fluoride for Smiles

Drinking water with fluoride adds a layer of protection against tooth decay, and the CDC says it complements the fluoride in toothpaste. Unfortunately, many of your patients are unaware of fluoride’s benefits. Dental and medical professionals top the list of trusted sources of health information. Brief conversations with your patients can raise their awareness and educate them about the importance of fluoridated water for everyone in the community. 

Patient Conversation Guide

Download this quick reference guide to help you talk with your patients about the benefits of drinking water with fluoride.

Download the Guide

In-Office Slideshow

Download this slideshow presentation of the Fluoride for Smiles Campaign to show in your office’s waiting areas. It could also be shared as a video on your social media channels or embedded on your website.

PowerPoint | MP4 | Spanish PowerPoint | Spanish MP4

Fluoridation benefits the whole community
Tooth decay hurts learning
Did You Brush you Teeth?
Max went to camp and forgot toothbrush
Mary flossing

    Social Media Toolkit

    We’ve developed a social media campaign to help build public support for water fluoridation in your community or state. Download your favorite ads and spread the word to your friends and patients through your personal or professional social media platforms.

    Faculty Curriculum Guide

    Interested in incorporating community water fluoridation communication into your health care curriculum? This guide for dental and health care faculty includes several activities and assessments to enrich your courses. 

    Download the Guide