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Advocate Resources

Fluoride for Smiles

Community Advocate Toolkit

We’ve developed a community advocate toolkit to help you talk with policy-makers about the health and economic benefits of community water fluoridation.

Advocacy Toolkits

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Community Water Fluoridation Communications Toolkit

The National Association of County Health Officials (NACCHO)

Local health departments play a critical role in educating their communities and promoting effective strategies to improve and maintain oral health. The resources below are for health departments and other local organizations to educate and inform their communities about the benefits of fluoridation.

Fluoridation Toolkit

DentaQuest Foundation

Whether you have a great deal of knowledge about community water fluoridation or none at all, this Toolkit is for you! What are the most effective messages for gaining support? Who are your allies and how do you engage them? How do you build community support? The answers can be found in this Toolkit.


All About Fluoride

American Dental Association

The ADA provides information on community water fluoridation, and offers resources to educate and steps to take action! While it is directed toward ADA Members Dentists, it has information that is relevant to an interprofessional audience.

How to Read a Study about Fluoride or Fluoridation

British Fluoridation Society, American Fluoridation Society. (2021). How to Read a Study about Fluoride or Fluoridation.